About Us
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We provide a wide range of medical, Health and Occupational Health services in our clinics as follows:

A. Medical Service
• General Medical Treatment – for adults & children
• Management of Chronic diseases – Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma etc
• Management of Obstetrics & Gynecological conditions
• Management of Orthopedic conditions
• Management of Skin conditions
• Management of Eye conditions
• Management of ENT conditions
• Management of Asthma and Nebulizer treatment

B. Surgical  Procedures
• Minor surgical procedures including circumcision

C. Women & Children
• Management of Ante natal & Post natal cases
• Immunization for children & adults

D. Preventive /Rehabilitative
• Pre-employment& food handlers examination
• Physiotherapy
• Health Education
• Medical talks/seminars

E. Laboratory Test and Other Investigation
• urine FEME
• Urine drug test
• Ultrasound
• Audiometry
• Pap Smear
• Deep Heart Therapy
• Radiology (x-ray) services
• Spirometry
• Blood test

F. Occupational Safety & Health
• OSH Screening
• Noise Mapping
• Audiometry
• Spirometry

First Aid Post

The Concept Of First Aid Post
The First Aid Post is staffed by a qualified registered nurse, who will provide consultation and institute basic treatment to the patient. In instances where further treatment is required our staff will then refer the patient to our Group of Doctors at the nearest branch to the Resort/hotel.