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Borneo Occupational Health And Mediserv S/B (BOHMaS) is a registered traning provider under the Pembangunan Sumber Malaysia (Human Resource Development Fund, Minstry of Human Resource Malaysia) and are specialists in the following areas:
• Consultancy, Advisory Services & Traning for   • Medical & Health Surveillance
    all industries   • Medical Removal, Rehabilitation and Return
• Audits & Inspections      to Work Programmes
• SHE Management Systems MS1722,   • Investigation of Occupational Illnesses and
   OHSAS 18000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000      Poisoning
• Chemical Safety Management   • Health Promotion & Workplace Wellness
• Hazard ID, Risk Assessment & Control      Programmes
• Fire Prevention Management   • Pre & Post Employment Medical Checks
• Crisis Management & Emergency Response   • Food Handling Training & Examinations
• Incident Reporting, Investigation & Prevention   • Industrial First Aid & CPR Training and
• Supply of Personnel Protective Equipment      Certification
• Construction Site Independent Focused and   • Audiometric Testing
   General Audits    
• Chemical Health Rish Assessment   • Training Boiler Operators & Steam Engineers
• Hazmat Exposure Monitoring   • Maintenance and Repair Services
• Hearing Conservation Programme   • Supervisory Services
• LEV Systems & Monitoring   • Energy Conservation
• Industrial Hygiene Services   • Pollution Control
• Stack/chimney Monitoring & Pollution Control    
• Boundary Noise    
• Ambient Air & Indoor Air Quality    
• PSMB (MOHR) Approved Training Provider
• 18 SHE Programmes approved under "SBL Khas Scheme"
• 30 Programmers under SBL Scheme
• Competent Occupational Health Doctors & Fully Equipped Clinic
• Dr. Shaik Dawood Mohideen, MBBS, DRM, FRSH, PHF, Dip (Occ.Health), CIME, UKOOA
Dr. Shaik Dawood Mohideen is an aproved medical examiner for divers. He is a member of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and has extensive experience in the health care for employees in the health care for employees in the oil and gas, manufacturing, hospitality and marine sectors. He is also medical advisor to major oil and gas organizations
• Dr. Anil Kumar, A.S.D.K. MBBS (India), MHP (Aust), FRACMA (Aust), CEP (Canada), LFOM, RCP (Ireland)
Dr. Anil Kumar is a DOSH approved Occupational Doctor. He has also been trained in Human Resources and Emergency Preparedness, including the monitoring and implementation of health related services in the community. These include the fields of disease surveillane and health promotion.
• Dr. Edmond Fernandez, MBBS, LFOM, RCP (I), MRO
Dr. Edmond is a DOSH approved Occupational Doctor. His special interest areas are medical surveillance for the plantation, oil & gas, hospitality sectors and power plants.
General Programmes registered with PSMB/HRDF   Training Programmes for the Construction Industry
• Fundamentals of Effective Safety Health and   • SHE Management for Construction Sites
   Environmental Management   • Supervisory Management for Construction Sites
• SHE Training for Supervisors   • SHE Training for Construction Supervisors
• SHE Legislation, Guidelines & Codes of Practice   • Construction Site Legislation, Guidelines &
• Setting up and making SHE Committee effective      Codes of Practices
• Effective SHE Committees   • Training for Construction Site SHE Committees
• Basic First Aid & CPR   • Working on Elevated Surfaces
• Industrial Accidents, Intermediate First Aid &   • Hot Work Safety
   CPR   • Confined Spaces Entry & Work
• SHE Inspections & Audits   • Mechanical & Workshop Safety
• Forklift & Powered Truck Safety & Certification   • Mechanical Lifting and Material Handling
• Forklift Powered Truck Refresher   • Manual Lifting, Rigging & Signaling
• CHRA and Chemical Safety   • Excavation, Trenching and Shoring
• Chemical Handlers' Training   • Pneumatic and Electrical Safety
• Noise Control & Hearing Conservation   • Good Housekeeping & Waste Disposal Practices
• Ambient Air & Indoor Air Quality   • Construction Site Accidents, Causes, Reporting,
• Fire Prevention, Suppresion & Basic Rescue      Inestigation & prevention Priciples
• Training for the Emergency Response Team   • Basic Safety & Construction Hazards for Worker
• Training for the Emergency Management Team   • Working over Water
• Good Housekeeping Management (5'S' Method)   • Tunneling & Underground Work
• Electrical Safety and LOTO Programme   • Construction Site Falls and Fall Prevention
• Bomb Threat & Hostage Crisis Response   • Personal Protective Equipment Use/Maintenance
• Office Safety & Work Station Ergonomics   • Plant Machinery & Heavy Equipment
• Kitchen and Catering Safety    
• Aquatic & Pool Safety   Services for Construction Sites include:
• Basic SHE and ERP for Employees   • Independent SHE Management Audit
• Accident Prevention, Reporting and Investigation   • SHE Consultancy, Inspections, Audits & Visits
•Personal Protective Equipment issue, use and    
For more information on BOHMaS, please contact:
Dr. Anil Kumar
Tel: +6019 882 2936 or +6013 881 2936
Email: info@medisinar.com