About Us
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Enriching Health

Medisinar Klinik & Surgeri was originally formed in 1974 under the name of Klinik Murugasu. With six branches and the seventh to be opened in 2011, we are one of the fastest growing independent clinic in Sabah. Medisinar Klinik & Surgeri takes pride in ensuring quality health care to its clients without looking at the profit margins, making them a medical service provider with a heart.

Our Vision
To be the First Choice Medical Provider for our clients and business partners.

Our Philosophy
It is just not only to provide health care but to enrich the health of our clients who seek counselling for the ilnesses.

The licensed doctors who are registered to practice medicine in Medisinar Klinik & Surgeri are dedicated and highly experience personnel who specialise in the very many various areas of the medical industry, offering you the most comprehensive medical attention that you need.

We presently have more than 100 clients in all sorts of industry, ranging from financial firms, SME to hotels, most of which has made Medisinar Klinik & Surgeri, their panel doctor for many years. With the reputable service and the ability to provide quality care at affordable rates, Medisinar Klinik should be the choice of your healthcare needs.

Currently, all our branches are opened 365 days a year, offering you the professional medical attention you need.